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[PROVA] Phoenix OS

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[PROVA] Phoenix OS
« il: Agosto 11, 2016, 04:13:56 pm »
Phoenix 1.0.9 Release Candidate

Phoenix 1.0.9 Special Edition (Root, AdAway, JMusic, Terminal Emulator and More......See README in Zip):
Da mettere in chiavina con Rufus:

Phoenix 1.0.9 (Stock, Rooted w/Rufus):
Da mettere in chiavina con Rufus:

Update Aug. 10: To mount Windows Partitions use Stick Mount by Chainfire


To use with Windows machine:
Spoiler for Nascosto:
1. Make sure you have secure and or quick boot disabled in Bios.

2.Use a minimum 8Gb USB thumb drive 3.0 works best but high quality 2.0 will suffice. Formatted fat32. (Should be default)

3. Unpack

4. Run Rufus-2.9.exe

5.Select USB in the first entry.

6.Select iso towards the bottom and navigate to PhoenixOS_v1_0_9_Rooted.iso. Rufus will automatically fill in the rest of the settings. Make sure the USB drive is still selected, though. You may change the partition label if you so desire.

7. Select start.

8. Make a bite to eat.

9. When Rufus has finished reboot into your Bios settings.

10. Select USB drive from boot selection (NON-UEFI) and boot it.

11. You will be greeted by the Rufus grub menu. Select "Live CD"

12. Boot up will take some time , you will hang at "Initializing System" for a while. If longer than say 10 minutes. Reboot and start at step one, using a better quality USB this timeWink.

14. Have a look around and enjoy. You will only have about 1Gb of internal storage available, also this session will not save, so I generally don't linger too long.

Questo forum si chiama ma non vuol dire che non possiamo parlare di altro! Giustamente se (in questo caso) Phoenix fa dei passi avanti e giusto provare e vedere come funziona! Facciamo dei test ragazzi! Buon Lavoro!
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[PROVA] Phoenix OS 1.1 - Android L
« Risposta #1 il: Settembre 19, 2016, 07:11:44 am »
Aggiornamento Phoenix system x86 version v1.1

Add root access;
Add keyboard mapping function;
Add Mirror output function like HDMI;
Add Ethernet settings[font=宋体]:[/font]Boot default Ethernet connection
Add Resolution adjustment function;
Add Graphics adapter, mainly contains GTX700\800\900 series;
Repair Game can't connect network;
Optimized Reduce the maximum volume of the broken sound models;
Optimized Reduce the probability of crash by Atom processor;
The task bar & Notification Center
Revision notification center icon
Start menu
Optimize the display of large screen devices;
Optimizing UA display logic;
Update ad blocking list;
CZ FileManager
Increase picture and wallpaper images (Picture directory);
Network neighbors will pop up after the addition of success;
Repair the bug that desktop icon disappeared after the application upgrade;
Fix the bug that APE format file has no playback application optional;
Application of the market will not prompted to upgrade of FileManager;
Fix the bug that native music applications failed to add music;
Fix some other bug;
Enhanced stability;

Versione MOD con Super User:!VgNCGJTD!y62XM6nge9OTkKMp-nRbZoGKYoHqGB0nYiLyxhbBN7I
Versione Ufficiale:

Special Edition:
AdAway, JMusic, Terminal Emulator and More......See README in Zip:

Project POC - Phoenix OS Custom
Spoiler for Nascosto:
1.Pre-rooted with SuperSU 2.76
3.CM File Manager (root access to files)

Changelog for Project POC

First Build
Added SuperSU 2.76
Added Busybox
Added CM File Manager
Added Deodex
Added Adaway
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