Remix OS

Remix OS for PC - Latest version built (version: 2.0.402) on Android-x86 project

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Latest release notes

Version Number: 2.0.402

Release Date: 7/6/2016

Package Type: 64-bit version for Legacy BIOS & EFI boot; 32-bit version for Legacy boot
1.Added keyboard mapping to certain games allowing users to play games with keyboards. (e.g. Vain Glory)
2.Added more app options to Remix Central.
3.Now supports mirrored output from DP, HDMI & VGA.
4.Improved the System bootup time and fix some cases on ANR.
5.Updated the Remix OS default wallpaper.
6.Updated the Remix OS boot up animation.
7.Added “Power is low” warnings.
8.Improved the video display quality.
9.Now supports more H265 video formats.
10.Now supports more ethernet cards.
11.Now supports more Realtek / Broadcom / MediaTek WiFi cards.
12.Pre-installed Chrome and Chrome Switcher that allows users to stay on desktop mode.
•Bugs Fixes:
1.Improved app compatibility.
2.Fixed the Y! Mail bug where emails couldn’t be sent out.
3.Enabled scrolling and right-click on some trackpads.
4.Improved WiFi instability.
5.Fixed the problem screen record on Remix OS.
6.Fixed the disappearance of the task bar.
7.Now supports more Nvidia Graphic Cards and improved their stability.
8.Improved the thermal monitoring system to avoid overheating.
9.Fixed the slowing down of the system when mounting hard disks.
10.Fixed time inacurrancy on Windows when users switch back from Remix OS.

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